speed sketch with robots  crossing an orange stream :3

60’s style illustration I had to make for a brownies recipe

A new Facebook avatar I made for a friend. 80’s style ! :D

designing where the characters of my previous post would live (futuristic architecture inspired from the 70’s concrete buildings)

I’ll be studying real-time 3D next year. Here’s a glimpse of what I’d like to do as a videogame: A RPG about sharks :D

first finished shot of my animation film. 

working out animation again :)

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I’ve finished the story I previously posted about :D Hope you like it!

a homemade Monsters University poster I made for a friend’s birthday.

Coloured ink on paper

ls-leon inquired Thanks for the follow! Love your art - very excited to see how the animation turns out.

thank you! ‘hope my animation won’t be too bad ^^’ anyway I’ll work hard so that it turns good

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