spaceships quick concepts. trying to vary the shapes a little bit

Indian ink on paper then Photoshop CS6 

Trying with couloured line. Indian ink on paper then Photoshop CS6

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Here is a Akira poster I made for a movie poster contest :)

Indian Ink on paper, Photoshop CS6

My animation is finished! Feel free to share your opinion about it :) 

wanna chat while i’m drawing? :p

Just a knight or something. Quick sketch 

sarahmint inquired For plan 19, I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!

You will get more very soon, don’t worry =P I must finish the video before the 15th of June or so.

Another extract from my animation (WIP)

speed sketch with robots  crossing an orange stream :3

60’s style illustration I had to make for a brownies recipe

A new Facebook avatar I made for a friend. 80’s style ! :D

designing where the characters of my previous post would live (futuristic architecture inspired from the 70’s concrete buildings)

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